A Journey of — Style and Expression

I’ve always had a passion for design and expression. I began singing at the age of 10, and before long, was studying to become a classically trained opera singer. But design, in the form of fashion, called, and I went to work in public relations for fashion brands. While being immersed in the fashion industry was exhilarating, I never saw anyone who looked like me or dressed like me. I realized I’d never explored or defined my own personal style. 

So I started a blog about my own style journey. Through research, introspection, and experimentation, I discovered what I love to wear — and what I don’t. What qualities and details I find meaningful — and what truly inspires joy. 

What began as a personal journey became a beautiful community of curious explorers, and an understanding that style, design, and expression are the means by which I can support, connect with, and inspire others.

Fennwyth is the natural evolution of my style exploration — a chance to share everything I’ve learned in new, tangible, beautiful ways. 

At Fennwyth, we believe silk scarves are classic, timeless, and transcendent. As an accessory, they add instant elegance. They’re at once utilitarian and decorative. They invite creativity and versatility — from how they’re folded and move to how they’re worn. 

Our inaugural collection weaves together form and function, vintage elements, and contemporary designs to create modern-age heirlooms. So that a scarf becomes more than a simple statement of personal style, it’s a journey into the art of self-discovery, made for a new generation handing down beauty with care. 

Thank you for joining us.

Founder 2024

Our Ethos

We believe in the enduring power of quality, simplicity, attention to detail, and elegance to transcend trends and age, create meaningful connections, and inspire joy.

Our curiosity and passion for fashion, art, design, textiles, and heirlooms drives our desire to learn as much as we can about them — from their historic origins, raw materials, and diverse mediums to the way they’re crafted, manufactured, worn, and live in our collective imaginations. We’re constantly cultivating our knowledge and curiosity — and love to share what we find.

We’re grateful for and moved by the trust people place in us, and it’s a responsibility we take to heart. That’s why we’re committed to high quality raw materials, expert construction, and thoughtful wardrobe curation. 

The journey to discover our own individual style is deeply personal, and we’re honored to explore it with you. That’s why everything we do is designed to inspire and invite you to discover the scarves, clothing, and styles that speak to and feel most like you.